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Megas Yeeros: #1 Producer of Yeeros in Greece

Authentic Yeeros with the original Greek recipe

Get ready to experience something different. That is why you have come here, to Megas Yeeros®, purveyors of the finest authentic Greek cuisine across the globe. First in quality, first in innovation, at Mega Yeeros® the company believes good food is meant to be enjoyed by all. Our number one goal is to bring the taste of Greece to every table internationally.

At Megas Yeeros® we stand behind our three standards of excellence:

  • Our company only uses natural meats, never any fillers, preservatives or additives for a healthier and tastier end product.
  • All our products are USDA approved and made in our modern, state-of-the-art facilities under the strictest guidelines.
  • Our company prides ourselves in taking authentic Greek food and reinventing it in innovative ways.
Megas yeeros® Products

Meet Megas Yeeros®

Now it doesn’t take a trip across the ocean to experience all of the authentic flavors of Greek cuisine.

First things first… it is pronounced YEE-rohs. Don’t you dare call them JAHY-rohs. So what makes Megas Yeeros® different? Our company marinades meat solely with the simplest of ingredients, for the moist, delicious taste that we are famous for internationally:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Pure and Natural Greek Honey
  • Fresh Greek Yogurt
  • Finest Quality Fresh Herbs

Our clean label approach ensures our meats are gluten-free and never with MSG. You always get the most authentic taste and all of the vital health benefits from all of our products. The company is also the LARGEST producer of authentic Greek meat products in Europe and we have just arrived in the United States! With our ultra-modern, state-of–the-art facilities the company is constantly reinventing traditional Greek JAHY-roh cuisine. So remember... it is pronounced YEE-rohs. MYAuthentic Yeeros® .

Megas Yeeros® Ingredients

Unmatched Quality

You can’t make a fantastic meal without the perfect blend of the
freshest ingredients.

That’s why at Megas Yeeros® we only use 100% genuine whole muscle meats. Our traditional Greek seasoning blends we add to every pork, beef, lamb and chicken is second to none. We seek out and exclusively partner with only the best certified prime meat purveyors throughout the world. If a purveyor doesn’t uphold the same strict criteria and guidelines we do… they aren’t one of our suppliers. We apply the most stringent standards to our production process.

Megas Yeeros® Product Innovation

Product Innovation

Research and Development years ahead of the competition.

That’s why you’ve come here, to Megas Yeeros®, purveyors of some of the finest Greek cuisine worldwide. First in quality, first in innovation, at Megas Yeeros® we believe good food is meant to be enjoyed by all. Our number one goal is to bring a taste of Greece to every table. This is largely due to the Megas Yeeros® dynamic Research and Development department, where specialized food professionals, the work of which is acknowledged in Greece and abroad, work daily to ensure consistent quality and development of our products. By monitoring the nutritional trends in Greece and abroad, Megas Yeeros® is constantly pursuing the creation of leading products that enhance the experience of end consumers, both in terms of gustative pleasure and nutritional value.

“To be Greek is to seek perfection...and our unending dedication to achieving that perfection will definitely benefit you.”

Megas Yeeros® Pork Yeero Platter

Megas Yeeros® Authentic Greek Yeeros®

Pure, moist and delicious – we keep all our products clean label for an authentic and tasty flavor while still being a healthy alternative.

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Authentically marinated, all our cuts are whole muscle meats, handmade with no additives, no MSG and no preservatives. Containing each and every food group when prepared, our Authentic Greek Yeeros® is the perfect meal that you can eat with one hand tied behind your back.

Megas Yeeros® Pork Yeero Pita Thumb

Authentic Pork Yeeros®

Megas yeeros® Beef and Lamb Yeero Wrap Thumb

Authentic Beef and Lamb Yeeros®

Megas Yeeros® Chicken Yeero Salad Thumb

Authentic Chicken Yeeros®

Megas Yeeros® My Grillers

Megas Yeeros® Authentic Greek Grillers

Easy-Authentic, Healthy and Delicious

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MY Grillers® – is the newest product line from Megas Yeeros®, producers of the finest authentic Greek products. In Greece, the authentic Kebabs are made with a delicious mixture of ground meat, Mediterranean herbs and spices. Our new line of innovative and authentic Greek meat preparations is designed to drive both profits and customer traffic, while reducing labor in the kitchen.

Megas Yeeros® Classic Grillers

Classic Kebab ®

Megas yeeros® Cream Cheese Grillers<

Mega Kebab ®

Megas Yeeros® Feta Grillers

Feta Kebab ®

Megas Yeeros® Yogurt Grillers

Yogurt Kebab ®

Megas Yeeros® Souvalaki

Megas Yeeros® Authentic Greek Souvlaki

Our MY Grillers®, Souvlaki® are handmade with quality cuts of marinated chicken and pork.

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The ideal solution for any restaurant operator looking to stay relevant, while benefiting from the explosive boom in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Now you can offer our truly authentic and innovative, Greek recipes to your patrons every day.

Megas Yeeros® Souvalaki

Chicken Breast Meat

Megas Yeeros
Worldwide Distribution

The Megas Yeeros® plant in Lyndhurst, NJ, was designed specifically to meet the needs of meat product preparation and it is one of the most ergonomic plants in the United States. Our facilities are accommodated on a single level to prevent any crossings of product and personnel as well as any unnecessary activity creating risks of meat contamination. Cutting-edge equipment is used in every meat processing stage and it is continuously improved with innovative mechanical solutions so as to eliminate, together with innovation, any likelihood of human failure. For example, the meat is filleted in special filleting machines, with removable knives, to ensure the uniform appearance of the pork gyros -
a process which is not achievable manually.

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"Our foods explore the diversity of regional Greek flavors while making them available to a worldwide audience."
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